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Isaacs & Isaacs Firm News
December 26th, 2023

Led by attorney Darryl “The Hammer” Isaacs, the Brain Trust Legal Group event provides an opportunity for lawyers to learn the secrets of legal marketing. Dateline Location Country: USA State/Prov: Nevada City: Las Vegas Press Release Body “You feel like you’re in a room of champions.” The Brain Trust Legal Group, owned and led by […]

Isaacs & Isaacs Firm News
June 28th, 2023

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Can Help to Obtain Justice in Tragic Circumstances When our lives are ripped apart by this sudden death from somebody’s carelessness, negligence, or wrongful act, the law provides relief to those left behind who must pick up the pieces. Parents, children, and spouses of the person killed can get some financial recovery […]

Wrongful Death Resources
June 28th, 2023

File a Wrongful Death Civil Suit to Obtain Justice There are so many ways a wrongful death can occur that it would be difficult to name them all. Generally, somebody else owed a duty of care to refrain from harming your loved one and breached that duty, either through carelessness or with intention. In addition […]

Workers Comp Resources
June 28th, 2023

The rules are different in each state, but generally, Workers’ compensation covers: A tax-free percentage of your pay (usually around two-thirds) Medical costs (including equipment, physical therapy, etc.) Vocational rehab where necessary (if you cannot do your previous job) Survivor’s benefits to family members for work-related death The above list is not all-inclusive, because the […]

Car Accident Resources
November 24th, 2023

Driving in snow comes with obvious hazards and takes both preparation and know-how to do safely, along with good judgment to avoid when necessary. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, 17% of all vehicle crashes occur during winter weather conditions. The highest percentage of drivers (41%) speeding in fatal crashes occurred on […]

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