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Why do Truckers Almost Always Deny Liability?

Last updated Monday, June 26th, 2023

Why do Truckers Almost Always Deny Liability?

The truck driver will almost always deny liability whenever a truck accident happens. The truck driver and the trucking company will blame the other motorist in most cases because truck accidents usually result in severe injuries. Medical treatment can easily cost the insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation—and they don’t want to pay out this much money.

Determining liability is a crucial step in recovering compensation in a truck accident case. Therefore, it may be in your best interests to retain the services of a truck accident lawyer to represent you in the entire legal process and pursue the compensation you deserve.

How Truckers Defend Themselves and Their Company After an Accident

If you’ve recently been injured in a truck accident, you want to ensure that all the liable parties are held responsible. It’s not unusual for truckers and their insurance providers to deny liability in a truck accident case.

When dealing with truckers and their insurance companies, you should never assume that they’ll do what is in your best interests, even if the truck driver was clearly at fault. Trucking companies and insurance providers don’t exist to pay claims to truck accident victims.

They want to avoid paying claims as much as possible. As a result, the truckers and their insurance providers will try to devalue or deny your claim. Here are some of the steps truckers take to defend their trucking companies:

Denying Liability Outright Even When They’re at Fault

Almost all trucking companies instruct their truck drivers to deny liability when involved in an accident. These drivers have been trained to admit nothing and to never apologize to the victims at any point. The reason for doing this is to come up with a good reason for denying a truck accident claim they know will be made at some point.

Truckers and their insurance companies understand that accepting liability means paying the victims a lot of money in compensation. Therefore, denying liability is their way of keeping costs down.

Getting Their Lawyers Involved

After a truck accident, the truck driver is inclined to contact the trucking company to get their team of lawyers involved. They want their lawyers to begin investigations right away and use the evidence to weaken your claim.

During this time, the lawyers may hide any evidence they consider bad for the case and keep what they believe will help their clients. Their investigations might not determine what happened but help the trucking and insurance companies save money.

Delaying Payment of Compensation

Another step that truckers, trucking companies, and insurance providers take is to delay paying compensation to the victims. These parties understand that victims’ medical bills are piling up, and they’re under a lot of financial pressure following the truck accident.

Therefore, the victims will grow desperate by the day, especially if they sustained severe injuries in the crash. This means they will be ready to accept any settlement that comes their way, regardless of how low it is.

When do Truckers Deny Liability?

Generally, there are three significant occasions when you may receive a denial of liability from the trucker, including:

Immediately After the Truck Accident

Insurance companies usually advise their clients never to accept liability, even if they’re clearly at fault for the accident. Truckers follow the same advice, and they’re likely to deny liability immediately after the accident.

Even if the trucker happens to accept responsibility for the crash, it’s in your best interest to gather as much evidence as you can. The trucker may change the story after a while, and it will complicate your claim, especially if you don’t have any evidence to back it up.

After Being Issued With a Letter of Claim

To notify the liable party that you’re pursuing compensation for the damages incurred, you must send them a letter of claim. Once the defendant has received this letter, they’re likely to send you a denial of liability in writing as well.

Following the Issue of Proceedings

If you and the defendant can’t settle out of court, the only way to ensure that you receive compensation is by taking the case to court. This requires you to send all case documents to the court clerks, who will stamp them and register your claim. The court documents are then sent to the defendant, who can accept or deny liability.

What Should You do If the Trucker Denies Liability?

If a trucker denies your claim, don’t panic. Most truck accident claims usually begin that way. You may decide to hire a truck accident lawyer who will conduct a thorough investigation and gather the necessary evidence to support your claim.

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