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A Rewarding Food Giveaway for Thanksgiving

Last updated Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

A Rewarding Food Giveaway for Thanksgiving

Isaacs & Isaacs Participates in Thanksgiving Meal Giveaway

The team at Isaacs & Isaacs stepped in a Thanksgiving meal giveaway this year to participate in a most meaningful Thanksgiving activity in West Louisville, Kentucky: Giving away free meals to needy locals in the neighborhood.

This year marked 25 years of turkey giveaways for Think Tank and Colors Newspaper in an event that celebrated the distribution of free turkey, ham, collard greens, and sweet potatoes, all supplied through donations by the ministry of Reverend Gerome Sutton.

Be sure to watch the Spectrum News 1 coverage of the event below!


From the entire team at Isaacs & Isaacs, we are grateful for the opportunity to give back and are wishing a very happy holiday season to all!

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