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The Hammer Discusses I-71 Rollover Accident Involving Fatalities

Last updated Thursday, June 29th, 2023

The Hammer Discusses I-71 Rollover Accident Involving Fatalities

Rollover Accident on I-71 Prompts Response from Isaacs & Isaacs

It’s been widely reported now that victims have been killed in a tragic rollover accident that occurred late Wednesday, August 22 on I-71 in Oldham County, Kentucky. According to reporting from WDRB, Oldham County Police have identified the two deceased females as Selena Gilbert (age 18), of Wallis Creek, KY and 20-year-old Tamara Daniels from Ages, Kentucky.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as TC Somersall (age 17) of Cumberland, KY is currently listed in critical condition at University Hospital, along with an unnamed 15-year-old passenger whose condition is not yet known.

We checked in with Kentucky car accident lawyer Darryl Isaacs — The Hammer — to get a response on this tragic accident that has caught the attention of the Kentucky and Ohio communities.

Listen to 2-min audio commentary from Kentucky car accident attorney Darryl Isaacs: (full transcript below):

Transcript of audio conversation with car accident attorney Darryl Isaacs

The Hammer:
It’s traveled heavily by trucks every day, connects Louisville to Cincinnati and it’s just a busy busy road, unfortunately.

Any time you have a catastrophic injury accident, you can’t undo a wrong, but what the lawyers can come in and do is help make sure all the victims, the families are compensated for their loss. The medical bills are taken care of, because that’s really what justice is.

If we could turn back time and prevent the accident that would be the best, but it’s so tragic. The lawyers can come in and manage the claim, make sure everything’s done, the bills get paid. You know, people get compensated for their injuries or their loss of loved ones. That’s just what the law allows.

The Hammer:
We can immediately dispatch an accident reconstructionist so we can get someone there at the scene. You know, if they’re skidmarks, taking pictures, try to interview witnesses. We just want to get someone investigating it right away. And then if the vehicles have been moved and they try to go find where the vehicles are, take pictures, do measurements, especially if someone, you know, if the victim is killed, then you can’t get their side of the story.

What is the road forward legally for people that have gone through this?

The Hammer:
One of the things we would do is set up in an estate, depending if they had a will or didn’t have a will. Open an estate, get the beneficiaries of the loved one. So let’s say it’s a parent, then you would either get the spouse, if there’s only a single parent. And you know, if they were the ones that were deceased, then you would get their kids. And you would get a personal representative appointed.

They’re going to have like, funeral costs and funeral expenses. You get someone appointed that can help them make decisions, and it can be a family member, loved one. But that’s the first step is just getting in an estate open so you have the authority to act on their behalf. I know it’s painful to even talk about, but it’s just it’s a necessary that has to be done.

There’s a lot of people that are in a position where something very very tragic happens and their next thought is there’s no way I can pay for an attorney. What would you say to them?

The Hammer:
The attorneys that handle these types of cases, they’re paid on what’s called a contingent fee. They only get paid if they collect money damages. If they don’t collect money damages, you don’t pay them anything.

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