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Elizabethtown Slip And Fall Lawyer

Slip-and-fall lawsuits enable victims who have fallen in a public place or on someone’s private property to seek fair compensation for their losses. Every slip-and-fall case may be different, but there are steps that a slip-and-fall lawyer will follow to reach the desired settlement for their clients.

A slip-and-fall lawyer in Elizabethtown can go over the details and explain a slip-and-fall case. For more information or to determine if your slip-and-fall incident is eligible for a personal injury lawsuit, set up a meeting with our experienced attorneys. Our team will help you through these cases and ensure you are not responsible for the expenses caused by your injuries.

When You Should Hire an Elizabethtown Slip-and-Fall Lawyer

After falling somewhere other than your home and experiencing an injury, you may wonder what to do next. If you are positive that you fell due to someone else’s negligence, you should consider your legal rights. Whether you are interested in filing a lawsuit or reaching a settlement for your injuries, you must be ready to prove that the property owner is responsible for your fall and injuries.

Individuals out of work have medical bills adding up or are unable to do their daily tasks and have the right to receive the appropriate compensation to cover these costs. Our attorneys at Isaacs & Isaacs will defend you and prove that your injury resulted from the owner’s carelessness. Call us today for a free consultation if you believe you might have a slip-and-fall claim.

We are often referred to as “The Hammer” in Kentucky because we take slips and falls very seriously and understand that pain, suffering, and emotional frustration come with these types of cases. You will be updated every step of the way throughout your case.

What a Slip-and-Fall Attorney in Elizabethtown Can Do for You

Business owners and homeowners are always responsible for keeping their space safe and secure while a person is on the premises. Therefore, your lawyer will communicate with the responsible party and insurance companies to ensure you receive full compensation for the accident that was not your fault.

A slip-and-fall lawyer will also ensure that you are treated fairly and receive the justice you deserve for your injuries. They will find evidence to show that the property owner was negligent and liable for the slip-and-fall.

Once you have chosen the best slip-and-fall attorney for your case, they will determine if you should reach a settlement or proceed with a court hearing. Elizabethtown slip-and-fall attorneys can exceed expectations when it comes to ensuring clients receive the results they ultimately hope to achieve.

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How a Slip-and-Fall Claim Works

If you recently slipped and fell on a person’s private or company property and have evidence that it was not your fault, you should consider filing a slip-and-fall lawsuit. When you file this type of lawsuit, you are stating that you have fallen and received injuries from the fall resulting in income loss, medical bills piling up, or inability to accomplish simple duties.

Kentucky is a state that gives a time limit on filing a slip-and-fall claim. Under Kentucky Statute §413.140(1)(a), a personal injury claim must be filed within one year or less from the accident’s date. This is not a very long window of time, so you must contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. Speak with a slip-and-fall attorney in Elizabethtown, KY, today.

Common Slip-and-Fall Cases We Handle

A slip-and-fall lawsuit may emerge when a victim falls on a company or homeowner’s property due to negligence that could have been prevented. There are several different slip-and-fall cases that you should be aware of and know about. Some of the most common types include:

  • Wet floors
  • Cluttered or blocked aisles
  • Snow or ice
  • Damaged or deteriorating floors
  • Elevators or escalator accidents
  • Products on floors that make it slippery
  • Not enough lighting
  • Hazardous materials on floors or landscapes
  • Sidewalks that are unleveled or damaged

Falls can unexpectedly happen to anyone at any time, but they are almost always preventable. The National Safety Council (NSC) stated that around 42,114 people died from falls at work or in their homes in 2020. Over 6.8 million individuals visited hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to falls in 2019.

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Proving Negligence in a Slip-and-Fall Case

It is never simple to prove negligence in any case, but it is a requirement if you seek compensation from the at-fault party in a slip-and-fall case. There are a few different factors that must be considered while proving negligence in this type of case, which include the following:

  • The owner of the property owed you a duty of care.
  • The property owner breached this duty of care.
  • The breach led to your fall and injuries.
  • And you now have monetary consequences from the fall and injuries.

Although you may know that your fall is the blame of the property owner, you and your attorney will still need to provide evidence. Your lawyer will assist you with collecting the appropriate evidence to successfully prove your slip-and-fall claim. The slip-and-fall lawyers in Elizabethtown, KY, are here to help you recover compensation.

Contact an Elizabethtown Slip-and-Fall Lawyer at Isaacs & Isaacs

If you need help proving negligence in a slip-and-fall case, the Elizabethtown slip-and-fall attorneys at Isaacs & Isaacs have the expertise, skills, and knowledge to support you through this process. We believe that if someone else’s forgetfulness or carelessness caused your fall and injuries, they should be required to pay for your losses.

We will remain by your side through the entire proceedings and fight for your rights to a settlement or court hearing. Call the office of Isaacs & Isaacs today to learn if you have a claim against a negligent and irresponsible property or a business owner. We take great pride in helping our clients solve these issues.

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