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Bowling Green Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of catastrophic injuries and death than drivers of other vehicles. This is because motorcycle riders and drivers have little protection from impact in crashes, unlike drivers in cars or buses. Additionally, if the motorcyclist doesn’t have the correct riding gear, the impact is bound to have a more serious outcome.

Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered injuries? Have you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident? Our Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyers will take on your case and help you receive justice. We will help you file a legal claim and pursue a fair settlement for you or your loved one to cover lost income and related medical care costs, as well as other expenses that may arise from your accident.

Am I Eligible for Fair Compensation After My Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents cause debilitating injuries to those involved. Additionally, motorcycle accidents put you at a higher risk of more serious types of injuries than other accident types since you have no protection against impact.

Vehicle insurance doesn’t cover all damages suffered by a rider. However, when our Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyers prove that the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries or death, you could file a lawsuit. The fair compensation you recover could include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income and the ability to work
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Mental distress
  • Long-term impact on your life

Suppose you are suing on behalf of a loved one who sustained fatal injuries in a catastrophic motorcycle accident (via a wrongful death lawsuit). The court may award you monetary damages for lost income, loss of companionship or support, and even mental anguish. Other damages that are paid out under the wrongful death lawsuit include medical and funeral costs, end-of-life medical costs, and burial costs.

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What Does It Cost to Hire a Bowling Green Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

If you or your loved one suffered a motorcycle accident, we understand that you have incurred certain costs. These may include medical costs from the injuries you have sustained, loss of income, and reduced ability to work. These costs may make it almost impossible to hire an accident lawyer.

Here is some good news from us at Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers: we offer you a free consultation. We understand that hiring a lawyer may not be something you can afford, especially after the cost of those medical bills and other expenses. Apart from offering you a free consultation of your case, if you choose us to represent you, we won’t charge you any fees or costs unless we win damages for you.

Should you decide to have our Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyer take on your case, you can rest assured that you don’t need to pay any upfront costs for legal representation. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means that we don’t get paid until we settle or win your case.

What Do Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Do?

Managing a motorcycle accident lawsuit can be stressful, so leave it to the experts. Our Bowling Green motorcycle accident lawyers will take on your case. As your personal injury attorneys you can expect them to take on important tasks, including:

  • Investigating the cause of the accident: This involves your legal team obtaining the police report, interviewing witnesses, measuring skid marks at the scene (if any), looking at the accident scene photos and videos (if any).
  • Working with medical experts: If you have any injuries, your lawyer will work hand-in-hand with medical experts who will provide their expert opinion on the extent of your injuries and the medical intervention you require.
  • Handling insurance companies: Leave all the paperwork and any pushback you may get from insurers to your motorcycle accident lawyer. You don’t deserve to have to deal with insurance agents while you’re waiting for your claim for compensation to be resolved.
  • Taking on any settlement negotiations: Your motorcycle accident lawyer will receive and present any settlement offers from the insurer. They will also negotiate fair terms for you and advise you on the options to take. They’re ready to go toe-to-toe with big companies to get justice and adequate compensation for you.
  • Getting your case ready for trial: If the settlement negotiations don’t go anywhere, your motorcycle accident lawyer and personal injury team could get your case ready for trial. We are unafraid to start the litigation process against big companies.

What You Need to Know About Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers

We have a team of competent lawyers who collectively have 400 years of experience. Our team has handled thousands of cases just like yours with tremendous success. We have an in-house litigation team and a mock courtroom to better prepare our clients for the courtroom environment.

We Have Recovered Damages for Many Other Clients

With these resources, we’ve won a $1.5 million payout for a motorcyclist who was fatally run over by a semi-truck. In all, we have recovered over $2 billion in settlements for our clients in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. We have over 400 years of combined experience in personal injury law.

Every victim has a voice, and we want yours to be heard loud and clear, no matter what language you speak. Our law firm has a team of Spanish-speaking paralegals and lawyers on hand that can assist you with your case.

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What Can I Do While You Prepare My Case?

You might feel worried during the beginning stages of your case. This is understandable. However, you can perform certain actions to help us and your personal injury claim process. These include:

  • Gathering any photos and videos you took of your injuries and your vehicle and personal property damage as well as any additional losses that occurred due to the accident
  • Providing your legal representative with the contact information of all parties involved in the accident
  • Writing down everything you can remember about the accident
  • Monitoring your recovery and tracking differences in your body and mood
  • Following your doctor’s orders about medication, treatment, and physical therapy
  • Keeping receipts for all accident-related costs (vehicle repair, childcare, rideshare services, housekeeping)
  • Keeping track of all of your medical appointments and medical care received related to the motorcycle wreck.

Our team will evaluate your losses and pursue the appropriate liable party for damages, depending on how your crash occurred. For instance, the Department of Public Works for the City of Bowling Green acknowledges that speeding is a problem in the city. Your motorcycle accident could have been caused by a speeding driver.

Leave the Headache of a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit to Us

Filing a lawsuit of any kind can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. We understand that you already have enough following a motorcycle accident on your plate.

Call us today for a free consultation, and let us take on your motorcycle accident lawsuit. Our team is available to talk anytime at 800-333-9999.

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