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Valparaiso Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

According to research from the National Safety Council, motorcycle accidents account for about 14% of traffic fatalities. Such crashes can also damage personal property and lead to significant physical injuries. When involved in a motorcycle crash, you may wonder how to recover medical expenses and other damages.

A Valparaiso motorcycle accident lawyer can help you identify the liable parties and pursue a claim against them. They can also assess all damages and provide the legal advice you need throughout the claims process.

Filing a Claim for a Valparaiso Motorcycle Accident

Filing a claim for a motorcycle accident can help you recover compensation for sustained damages. The first step your lawyer may take is to investigate the incident to identify liability. To do this, they can use various pieces of evidence such as:

  • Police report
  • Video surveillance footage
  • Witness statement
  • Reports by an accident reconstructionist

Once your lawyer identifies the partly liable for the crash, they can write a demand letter and send it to the motorist’s insurance company. This document will mention the accident in question, the injuries you sustained, and the amount you claim.

The attorney will then wait for the insurance company to respond with an offer or contact you for more inquiries.

Parties That May Be Liable for a Valparaiso Motorcycle Accident

Many motorcycle accidents happen due to negligence by another road user. Another party that can cause motorcycle accidents due to negligence is a vehicle driver. Motorists operating cars and trucks can fail to yield, causing you to crash or run off the road. Other ways such parties can trigger a road accident are:

  • Failing to signal a turn
  • Braking suddenly
  • Stopping vehicles around corners and sharp bends
  • Driving under drug influence
  • Using the wrong lane

Employers can be liable for motorcycle accidents if their employee strikes you while working. For example, if their drivers work beyond the recommended hours, you may hold the employer accountable. Their company can also pay for damages if an accident results from poor vehicle maintenance.

Other parties that can be liable for a Valparaiso motorcycle crash include:

  • Municipalities and local governments
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Vehicle repair companies
  • Shipping companies
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How an Attorney Will Assist with a Valparaiso Motorcycle Accident Case

A Valparaiso motorcycle accident lawyer can assist in many ways while you seek compensation for damages. First, they can evaluate your injuries by working with other professionals to determine the amount you can claim. Such may include your primary doctor, a mechanic, or a therapist.

Once the attorney has an estimated value, they can collect enough evidence to support your case. This process may involve interviewing various parties like the police and eyewitnesses. It may also include getting court orders to acquire video surveillance footage from buildings near the accident’s scene.

Dealing with insurance adjusters when negotiating a fair settlement can be frustrating. An attorney can handle this work and use the information gathered during the investigation to fight for a better settlement. Additionally, they may help you prove you were not liable for the accident to prevent losing compensation.

More ways a motorcycle accident lawyer in the Valparaiso area can assist are:

  • Processing the claim within the statute of limitations
  • Providing legal representation during meetings
  • Communicating with other parties
  • Filing a lawsuit if needed

Insurance companies can lower your settlement amount if you make mistakes. They may deny some injuries if you did not mention them when an adjuster called. They may also use the information you provide other motorists to prove you were partly at fault.

A motorcycle accident attorney serving the Valparaiso area can protect your claim rights. They can advise the measures you should take when interacting with the liable party or insurers. The attorney can also recommend responses to questions claims adjusters often ask.

Damages You Can Recover After a Valparaiso Motorcycle Accident

A Valparaiso lawyer can help you seek damages after suffering injuries in an accident. For example, they will claim all the medical costs you incurred. These may include expenses for aspects like:

  • Emergency care
  • Physical therapy
  • Hiring a home nurse
  • Buying assistive medical tools
  • Medication

If your injuries are severe, you may stay in the hospital for a while and miss work. A Valparaiso attorney can use your pay slips and timesheets to determine how much income or wages you lost. They can then seek compensation for this damage from the other party.

Another aspect you can claim after a motorcycle accident is mental health injury. Your lawyer can work with a psychiatrist to determine the effects of the collision. They can also ensure you take tests to assess if the sustained injuries affected your brain.

More damages the attorney may seek are:

  • Loss of consortium
  • A loved one’s wrongful death
  • Cost of fixing or replacing your motorcycle
  • Cost of a home remodel if you sustained a disability
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Injuries Sustained in Valparaiso Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often cause significant physical harm since motorists have less protection. One injury common in such crashes is a concussion. This head injury may result from high impact trauma when you hit another vehicle or the road.

Road rash is another prevalent injury that can occur when your body rubs against gravel and other rough surfaces. Such harm can lead to severe bleeding and scarring. It can also cause permanent disfigurement and extreme pain.

More injuries you may suffer in motorcycle accidents are:

Since not all motorcycle accident injuries will show immediately, you should always get medical attention following a collision. This will ensure you undergo comprehensive tests to identify all sustained harm.

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