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Six Proven Strategies To Become A National Brand From The Black Attorney Hero

Last updated Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

Benjamin Crump HeadshotWhat better person to explain what it takes to become a national brand than Benjamin Crump? The man with the title of “Black America’s Attorney General” and various global recognitions specializes in civil rights and catastrophic personal injury cases across America. However, during the session invited by Darryl Isaacs, the genius attorney poured in numerous facts about how he became an international brand. 

He primarily emphasized surrounding himself with like-minded people who believe in humanity, love, and affection for the commoner despite ethnicity. Being the voice of the voiceless was also his objective since he believes in the quote, “you put a man on a pedestal, he’ll fall every time, but if you put an idea on a pedestal, it’ll stand forever.”

He also strongly believes in teamwork and a together-we-grow motive. Not only this, but Ben Crump is a strong advocate for black and brown Americans since he has been the victim of this racism throughout his boyhood. Let’s take a deep look at what factors he has described to become a national name! 

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1. Be Yourself 

Be yourself is quite a simple stance, but it has a number of different meanings. To be yourself, you must first be authentic, the original, and a true version of yourself. Because no one likes a second copy, nor does anyone gravitates to fake things. 

People love originality, society wants you to be authentic, and that’s how you can build trust and become a national name across the globe. Ben paid so much attention to the quotation of “be yourself.” He said nobody could do you better than you. You have to find out exactly who you are. You have to believe that I am good at being me. 

Clear off all the weird thoughts of owning yourself because no one will trust you if you don’t hold your originality. You can’t be a brand, an expensive brand if you don’t be authentic. Hence, it’s the number one and the most crucial factor called BE YOURSELF FIRST. 

2. Do What Is Right

We often get distracted and take back off because of what society will say about it. But do you know what the natural fact is? Society would say something; their job is to speak; you can’t shut the mouths, but you can keep consistent with the track of your course.

Hence, Ben stated that do what is right regardless of the outcome in the future. Many people in our society look at the result first and then decide whether or not to undertake the task. But no! Make a choice regardless of the repercussions and stick to it no matter what the circumstances are. 

3. Do With Passion

Ben also emphasized doing things with passion. He said whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm. Whether you’re a lawyer or a bank manager, handle your tasks passionately. Because when you do your work with enthusiasm and spirit, it shows how much you love it. Even if you make mistakes in your job, no one will point them out since everyone will know you love your job.

To be the national name, it’s the essential element to do your job with enthusiasm. Because who will ask you to get a particular thing done if you’re not keen and passionate about it? Definitely, no one!  

4. Truth To Power

For example, you are meeting the federal courts daily, facing the press, and answering the unnecessary questions of a media person just for the win of a particular genuine case; this is what is called truth to power. It is an easy thing to say but immensely hard to implement. 

You can choose the path of least resistance that has no courts, media, and press but only bribes and bullies, just like people doing it every day in almost every sector of life because it’s hard to take a stand when everybody is saying no, we don’t want to deal with that, it ultimately becomes hard to fight for it. 

Ben said, “You know, one of the things that made me who I am is never shy away from it. I think on my tombstone when I die; they’re going to say, Ben Trump was an unapologetic defender of black life, liberty, and humanity.” He spoke these facts confidently because he spoke the truth to power. No matter who is in front of you, always talk regardless of the outcomes. 

He highly emphasized being the voice of the voiceless since it’s the most profound thing you can do for anyone. Try to help somebody who is marginalized, disenfranchised, been victimized. He said God loves the commoner. 

He made the man to help each other, not to bully or humiliate them. If you’re an attorney or a lawyer, people are looking to you for their help. They want you to be their voice; they want someone to fight and speak for them. They don’t care about whether you win their case or lose it, you talk with affection, and you make efforts for them will be enough for a lifetime. 

If you speak confidently and believe in your plans without fearing what will be next, you have the real meaning of speaking truth to power. Ben further said, “if I’m on CNN or Fox News or wherever I’m. You aren’t going to see Ben Crum hold his head down. I don’t care what questions they ask me because I know my message will be my message.”

In interviews, the host frequently throws controversies and the trivia of the market just to get your two cents, don’t get manipulated about what will happen next if you say anything against the trends; just focus on what’s right. 

Sitting in media is your opportunity to speak truth to power; sometimes, you may never get that opportunity again. So take it as the first and last to speak your heart out.  When you start preaching truth to power, you’ll be amazed to see how your business starts growing suddenly. So many unserved communities are waiting for you to be their voice, be the voice for them.  

He said, “10 years ago, in 2012, nobody was talking about Black Lives Matter or anything like that. You took it because it was the right thing to do. And I remember my law partner at the time, Darrell Ports telling me, man, we are going to spend a lot of time, a lot of resources, and a lot of money, and it still probably won’t do anything. They still probably won’t arrest his killer. And I said, you’re probably right, Darrell, because if we don’t take the case, who will? And we stepped out to do the right thing. And then God just took over from there. I mean, it became the number one news story in the world.”

Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the right thing is the first milestone leading you to be a national brand and name across the globe. You have to provide your child with a better America and society, and you can’t do that without speaking the truth to power. 

5. Character 

The character may seem unnecessary to be in the requirement list of a national name, but it has a lot of things to do. It is the actual weapon that decides whether you’re up to taking responsibility for being a national name. Reality is revealed based on the circumstances, and you can’t know your true character until you put yourself in uncomfortable contexts.

If you want to know more, take an egg and a coffee bean and put them in boiling water. The egg got a shell, no matter if it’s soft and dense inside, and even after getting cooked, the body will not be cracked but still be like before. 

After putting in severe circumstances under pressure, if a person is still strenuous, vigorous, and not molded just like the egg as per the situation, he can’t be a national name then. It’s more likely that he will lose faith, start looking for negativity and lose optimism because the pressure hasn’t changed their composition and their perspectives of thinking. 

If you put a coffee bean in the same water, it will also have the same composition as before, but you will notice a change in the water composition now. The water will now fill with the smell and taste of that tiny coffee bean because it has changed the environment around it. 

When the bean boiled under pressure, it stayed constant and the same. It spoke truth to power, and in doing so, it changed the environment around it. So we have to strive to have the coffee bean’s character and try to change society as much as possible.

Try to influence society to become better, a better world, a better America for your children. That’s what we must strive to do, and that’s how Character helps you become a national name or brand. 

Your business will experience pressure, criticism, and other bullying attempts. Still, if you won’t stay consistent and try to change the environment, the potential to become a national brand will get lesser and lesser. 

6. Follow Your Conscience 

You have to follow your conscience. It doesn’t matter if the whole damn world is falling apart, if you’ll be okay, follow yours, it’s profound enough. Martin Luther King said, “the coward will ask the question, is it safe? He said expediency would ask the question, is it politically correct? Then he said, oh, vanity will come along and ask a question. Is it popular? But then he said, Conscience comes along and asks, is it right? And Dr. King said there comes a time when one must take a position that’s neither popular nor politically correct nor safe. There comes a time when one must take part because they’re conscious and willing to do a particular thing.

Hence, if you think a job is right to do and you’re highly passionate about it, stand up, speak up, and fight for it. Follow your conscience and do your things with passion. That is how you start to be recognized by people who need you the most, those underserved communities who are waiting for you will support your business, and you will find that you can do enough good than you used to think. 

You would be surprised at how much will come your way once you go and try to help the least of the unserved communities. Give a voice to the voiceless; blessings will ultimately fall in the way that directly leads you to be the national name. 


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