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Hit and Run Makes a Fatal Accident Even Worse

Last updated Tuesday, July 25th, 2023

Hit and Run Makes a Fatal Accident Even Worse

Fatal car accidents are always tragic. A fatal hit and run car accident is not only tragic but infuriating.

This is especially true when the collision takes the life of a bicyclist or a pedestrian. The refusal of the driver to stop and render aid to the victim, someone clearly more vulnerable to injury, violates basic human decency. The cyclist or pedestrian stood a better chance of survival if the driver had simply stopped and called 9-1-1. But not only did the victim die, the deceased’s relatives have to endure the added trauma of wondering if their loved one would have lived if just those small actions had been taken.

Such an incident took place last week on Westport Road in Louisville, near Westport Middle School. The hit and run bicycle accident, which happened at around 4 A.M., caused the death of a cyclist in his thirties. The Louisville Metro Police Department is now seeking the public’s help in finding the vehicle and the driver, releasing both video snapshots and a description of the pickup truck believed to have been involved in the deadly hit and run bike accident.

These tragic and maddening incidents are actually increasing in frequency, possibly due to the rise of distracted driving as related to smartphones. According to AAA, 2049 people died in hit and run crashes on American roads in 2016, a record number of deaths representing a shocking 60 percent increase since 2009. 65 percent of those killed were either on a bicycle or on foot.

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