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Category: Truck Accidents

Why Should You Not Pass On The Right Side Of An 18 Wheel Truck?

You should not pass on the right side of an 18-wheel truck because truck drivers generally have poor visibility in that lane. You should generally wait until you can pass on the left of the truck. If you must pass on the right, make sure to be cautious of the truck driver’s movements, and honk if you believe they’re merging into your lane.

Trucks Represent a Great Threat to Other Drivers and Passengers

Truck drivers must adhere to higher standards than most drivers. In order to drive an 18-wheeler, a truck driver must first obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), drivers must pass several tests to get their CDL. During the CDL process and other training, a truck driver should be well aware that a truck is a heavy, dangerous vehicle. Because of its great size, weight, and corresponding crushing capacity, truck drivers must exercise the greatest caution. Hence, other vehicle drivers should avoid passing on The Right Side Of An 18 Wheel Truck.When a truck’s cargo is dangerous in its own right, the need for caution is even greater.

If a Truck Hits You While Passing on the Right, the Trucker May Still Be at Fault

Even though passing on the right of an 18-wheel truck is not advisable, it may be necessary in some instances. This is particularly true if a truck is occupying the left-hand lane without clear reason, and without indicating that they’re going to merge back into the right-hand lane.

If you pass an 18-wheeler on the right, and the truck merges into your lane causing an accident, then the truck driver may be liable. All motorists have a duty to ensure a lane is clear before merging, and this duty extends to truck drivers.

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What Should I Do After an Accident With an 18-Wheel Truck?

If you or a loved one has been in an accident with an 18-wheeler, getting medical attention should be priority number one. By receiving care from a doctor, you will:

  1. Receive a diagnosis of any existing injuries
  2. Get sound advice about how to treat your injuries
  3. Protect yourself from developing new injuries, or making existing injuries worse
  4. Obtain documentation for any insurance claim or lawsuit that you pursue

Getting medical care is the right move for your health, and for any financial recovery you hope to obtain.

Also Hire an Attorney After Your Accident

Once you’ve tended to your health, hiring an attorney may be your next priority. Your lawyer will take care of your case for compensation.

An attorney may help you immediately by:

  • Obtaining, protecting, and organizing your existing medical documentation
  • Obtaining any additional medical paperwork that you do not have
  • Seeking and preserving any time-sensitive evidence from your accident
  • Beginning the legal process

A lawyer can also protect you from insurance companies and those who are liable for your losses. These parties may try to make you admit fault, accept an unfavorable settlement, or undermine your case in other ways. Your attorney will prevent this.

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How Will an Attorney Help Me After an 18-Wheeler Accident?

Your attorney will pursue the financial recovery you deserve. In most 18-wheeler accident cases, a lawyer will:

  • Investigate the collision: Your lawyer may need to contact a trucking company to obtain crucial evidence. They will collect such evidence, and may hire experts to help them diagnose the precise cause of the collision.
  • Determine liability for your damages: Equipped with full information, your lawyer will identify liable parties. This may include a trucker, trucking company, or other liable parties.
  • Advise you on how to pursue compensation: An insurance claim or lawsuit are the two general options for seeking compensation.
  • Handle all case-related work: From filing your claim to completing paperwork, making phone calls, and dealing with the courts, your lawyer will ensure your case moves forward.
  • Negotiate a settlement: Your attorney will represent you in settlement negotiations. Successful negotiations may mean the end of your truck accident case.

Some truck accident cases require a trial. If your case goes to court, then your lawyer and their support staff will make your case in front of a jury.

What Damages Entitle Me to Compensation?

Each truck accident victim experiences different damages. Recoverable damages in your case may include:

  • The cost of medical care
  • Lost income and lost earning power
  • Pain and suffering
  • The cost of counseling and other treatment for pain and suffering
  • Repairs for your vehicle

If your loved one passed away in a truck accident, you may receive the same damages listed above. You may also receive coverage for lost companionship, lost parental guidance, funeral costs, and certain other damages.

You only have two years from the time of the accident or discovery of injuries to pursue legal action as per IC § 34-11-2-4. This can change due to the nature of your accident, however. It is best to act as soon as possible under such circumstances.

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