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What Are The Most Common Types Of Truck Accidents In Ohio? | 24/7 Support

Truck accidents are common throughout the U.S. These vehicles can cause several severe injuries, millions in damages, and fatalities, given their sizes and weight. If you or a loved one was recently in a truck accident, you might have a right to claim compensation from the at-fault party.

You may want to consider hiring a truck accident attorney to learn your legal options and increase your chances of fair compensation. A lawyer will stand for your rights, investigate the case, and help you secure the compensation you deserve.

What are the Main Causes of Ohio Truck Accidents?

Trucks can be as wide as 65 feet long and as heavy as 80,000 pounds, so even a single crash can cause a devastating accident. Some Common Types Of Truck Accidents In Ohio cause the most destruction. Trucks can cause several accidents, such as:


This accident occurs when a driver loses control and rolls the truck over onto its side. Truck rollovers mainly occur on bends or curved paths, especially when it is loaded with heavy cargo. Speeding and reckless driving can also cause a rollover accident.


A jackknife accident occurs if the driver is speeding and suddenly hits the brakes hard and quickly without slowing down. This causes the weight of the trailer to bring it forward against the traction of the cab, causing the truck to fold itself at a 90-degree angle and sweep all vehicles, pedestrians, and any other road user that comes in the way.

Wide Turns

Wide turn accidents happen when the driver steers and makes a right turn. This action can cause an accident if the driver is unaware of the traffic on their right side or rear surroundings. This accident can trap pedestrians and vehicles.

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Head-On Collisions

This type of accident occurs when a truck speeds and rams right at a vehicle. Head-on collisions are some of the most severe types of accidents because both the truck driver and the other driver can experience a powerful inertial force that can send them flying out of the windshield. This accident can cause severe, life-threatening injuries or fatalities.

Tire Blowouts

Mechanical defects such as tire blowouts can cause the truck to lose control and crash with other vehicles and road users. In addition, tire blowouts can cause truck drivers (especially inexperienced drivers) to panic and lose control.

Blind Spots

Trucks are huge and have several blind spots. Nicknamed “No Man’s Land,” this is when a driver is unable to see other vehicles or motorcycles while changing lanes. Blind spots put an adjacent car or motorcycle in danger of being forced off the road, hit, or crushed. As a result, drivers and motorcyclists are often advised to avoid a truck’s blind spots.

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Underride Accidents

This is yet another fatal accident when a vehicle passes under a truck. This accident can occur due to mechanical failures such as tire bursts, making the truck stop quickly and causing smaller vehicles to lodge underneath it.

Runaway Trailer Crashes

When the truck trailer gains more speed than the truck itself, it can cause the driver to lose control and ram or roll over onto other vehicles. This accident is familiar with big-rig trucks such as 18-wheelers. The accident often occurs due to brake failure. The trailer can completely detach from the cab and cause a disastrous accident in some cases.

Rear-End Collisions

Given the weight of a truck, a rear-end accident can cause extensive damage to property, severe injuries, and fatalities. In addition, if this accident occurs during a heavy traffic snarl-up, it can cause a chain reaction that damages multiple vehicles.

T-Bone Collisions

This is when a truck hits another vehicle perpendicularly. T-bone accidents are common when a driver runs a red light due to distraction. Depending on the speed of the car and the impact of the crash, this accident can be fatal.

Lost Load

When cargo is improperly secured, it can become loose and fall out. As a result, the cargo can crush vehicles, pedestrians, and other road users. Lost load accidents can cause damage to property, severe injuries, and fatalities.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), at least 4,842 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes in the U.S. in 2020. There were also several other injuries due to such accidents. If you are a truck accident victim, it may be best to obtain legal help immediately, get advice on protecting your rights, and claim compensation.

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