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How Do Large Trucks Affect Drivers on the Road?

In some situations, large trucks do not have much of an effect on other drivers on the road. In other scenarios, they can pose a danger and create hazardous conditions for drivers in smaller passenger vehicles.

For this reason, many rules govern the operation of trucks on roads in Indiana and the United States. Drivers who ignore such rules could be a danger to others.

Large Trucks Can Cause a Lot of Damage in Accidents

Most of the time, a truck’s sheer size and weight are the main concerns and the reasons why it can have such dramatic effects on other vehicles. As a result, these large trucks affect drivers on the road seriously. Problems trucks can cause include:

  • The size and weight of a truck can make truck accidents different from car accidents; truck accidents are more deadly.
  • Small vehicles can be pushed by the air coming off of a truck as it travels at highway speeds, creating a potentially hazardous situation.
  • Trucks can also block the view of smaller passenger vehicles, making it harder for drivers to react in time to a sudden change in traffic conditions.
  • Small vehicles can get pushed or pulled under trucks that have a high ground clearance, resulting in an accident.
  • The weight of the truck means that it has a longer stopping distance than other vehicles.

Due to all of these potential effects, carriers and drivers alike are held to high standards. Regulators have set many rules about driving behavior, vehicle care, and much more. Additionally, a driver who is distracted or impaired behind the wheel can easily cause a truck accident if they cannot react in time to changing road conditions.

Between property destruction, injuries, and other costs, trucking accidents can cause thousands of dollars in damage or more.

Regulations Regarding Trucks and Trucking Keep Us All Safe

To keep trucks operating as safely as possible, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has many rules and regulations for trucking companies and drivers. These can concern:

  • How many hours a driver is on the road
  • The weight of a truck, trailer, and cargo
  • What kind of cargo is carried
  • The requirements for truck driving licenses

FMCSA can even set rules about the mechanical upkeep of the trucks and how often they are inspected. All of these regulations are crafted to ensure the safe operation of trucks. When companies and drivers ignore these rules, they can become a danger to other motorists.

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How FMCSA Gets Involved After a Truck Accident

FMCSA will investigate truck crashes and look for the cause. Whether there was a mechanical issue that was ignored, a driver error, or something else, investigators will do their job to see whether or not a trucking company should be hit with a safety violation.

Accidents happen, but the size of trucks and their ability to affect other drivers on the road also need to be carefully considered. A trucking company that keeps causing unsafe situations can run into many legal and regulatory issues.

Trucking Safety Resources From FMCSA Can Provide Context and Clarity

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does not just make rules and find violations. It also makes many safety resources available to trucking companies and drivers as a part of efforts to make the road safer for everyone.

CSA, or the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability program, can help a trucking company keep track of its safety record and improve. It is easy to find rules about log books and examples of violation-free ones that drivers should try to emulate. FMCSA can even help trucking companies screen their potential employees to find truck drivers who are focused on safety.

A trucking company that does not use all of the resources at its disposal to make the road safer for other motorists is being irresponsible. Trucking companies and drivers know how their large and heavy trucks can affect other motorists. If they are not acting responsibly, they need to be held accountable for the damage and injuries that they cause.

You Have Options After Suffering a Truck Accident Caused By Negligence

Perhaps you or a loved one have already suffered injuries in a trucking accident and know about this topic all too well. If the negligence of another party caused your accident, then you may have legal options. Contact the Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers for your free consultation today.

We would be happy to discuss the value of your case and your potential legal options. Our truck accident lawyers can also go over how the large truck driver should have considered how their actions on the road would affect you.

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