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Do I Need A Lawyer For A Truck Accident In Indiana? | Call 24/7

Whenever there is been a personal injury case, the last thing people want to do is hire an attorney. They think it is expensive and unnecessary since they can directly negotiate with the at-fault party. But unfortunately, the truth is that contacting insurance companies will not help you much, especially if you have suffered a severe injury.

Even though you may be reluctant to contact one, hiring a lawyer for a truck accident case is key to the success of your claim in Indiana.

What Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

As it pertains to personal injury and accident cases, truck accidents are as bad as they get and, at times, can be life-threatening. When 18-wheelers tip or jackknife, the potential for devastating injuries is amplified. Even a simple rear-end collision can lead to severe injuries for you or your loved one.

In Indiana, around 50 truck accidents happen each day. With the scary and overwhelming experience, you may find yourself overwhelmed with medical treatment, lost income from work, vehicle repair, and figuring out how you are going to pay your bills.

Having a lawyer by your side as soon as possible after your truck accident is essential to protect your rights and ensure you receive maximum compensation for all injuries and losses.

Contacting a lawyer is beneficial in the following ways:

Protect Your Rights

The trucking industry is very competitive, and truck drivers are usually pushed to the limits of their abilities. This may result in accidents caused by negligence. An attorney will protect your legal rights and ensure that you get total compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Guide You Through the Legal Process

A truck accident lawyer in Indiana can guide you through the legal process and help you understand your rights. Understanding the law, dealing with insurance adjusters, and filing a lawsuit can be complex and overwhelming. An attorney can help you understand your options and make a plan for moving forward.

Determine the Liable Parties

In many cases, there might be multiple parties responsible for your injuries. These parties could include the driver, the trucking company, or even the manufacturer of the truck if it was defective.

The driver who caused the truck accident is most often liable for your injuries. However, if the driver was negligent and on-duty during the accident, the employer may also be responsible for your damages under Indiana law. In addition, if an equipment malfunction caused or contributed to the crash, such as malfunctioning brakes or bad tires, then the manufacturer may be held liable for your injuries as well.

A lawyer will help find all liable parties so that you get compensated by everyone responsible for your accident. That way, you do not pay out-of-pocket for any of your expenses.

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Handle Complex Negotiations

Auto insurance companies are notorious for trying to pay as little as possible. If they know that you do not have legal representation, they will try to take advantage of you by offering less than what your case is worth.

An attorney will know how much your case is worth and what type of a settlement offer is fair based on the damages incurred due to the accident. They will even negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and help you get compensation for your losses and injuries.

Investigate the Truck Crash and Gather Evidence

Your attorney will take steps to secure valuable evidence that may help strengthen your case. For example, an investigation into your crash could reveal essential facts such as who was at fault, whether or not the truck driver was tired or distracted, or if the vehicle had mechanical issues that contributed to the accident.

Your attorney may work with investigators and other experts to reconstruct the collision and gather evidence to support your claim.

File an Insurance Claim or Lawsuit

A lawyer can also oversee the process of filing a claim on your behalf. Your attorney will communicate on your behalf to ensure all paperwork is submitted on time and all necessary information is included in your case file. Additionally, if you cannot work due to your injuries, they may use your medical reports to build a watertight case for a better settlement.

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