TechBits: Emergency app helps you prepare for the worst

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By Hayley Tsukayama

Although it’s not fun to think about rainy days, it’s always good to have some information to help deal with them. This app from the American Red Cross is full of how-to tips, quizzes and shelter lists designed to help you prepare for severe weather such as tornadoes and natural disasters such as earthquakes. It also has monitoring features that allow you to keep an eye on several locations at once. In an emergency, the app will show you an alert outlining what’s coming your way and offering next steps.

Users can also opt to give the app access to their contact lists, which will let you assign certain people to particular locations — a feature that also gives you an easy way to contact others to warn them of any emergency. The app also provides information on what to do in case of smaller-scale (but no less urgent) emergencies such as a fire in the home or chemical incident. Free, for iOS and Android devices.