Emergency Red Cross app to help you cope during disasters

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With disasters, both natural and man-made, becoming a common occurrence in our lives, and since we're glued to our gadgets even when there's an earthquake or hurricane, it should make sense that we have apps for disaster preparedness and disaster response as well. Who better to develop this app than the American Red Cross? They've come up with the Emergency app, containing all the information you would need for different kinds of disasters, as well as an update mechanism to warn or let loved ones know you're safe during times of crisis.

Red Cross has had a lot of award-winning apps, from First Aid to Blood Donor to Earthquake, etc. Now you can have all the information under one digital roof with the Emergency app. It gives you things like what you should do during 14 different types of emergencies and even first aid to do's during different kinds of situations like heart attacks, fainting, heat-related sickness, etc. The content is pre-loaded so even if there is no internet connection, you'll still be able to access the information you would need.

Another major feature is "Family Safe" which gives you the ability to let pre-set people know that you're safe and for you to warn them if the disaster is near their area. You can customize more than 35 different kinds of alerts based on your location or your loved ones' areas as well. When your recipient receives a warning, it also comes with "what to do now" steps and then they should respond with either "I'm safe" or "I'm not safe". The great thing about it is that the recipient will still receive the message, even if they have not downloaded the app yet.

The app also comes with a map showing the nearest Red Cross shelter locations should you need to evacuate. It also has the latest weather information for your area. There is also a Make a Plan feature where you and your loved ones can create emergency plans and protocol that you can follow, even if you're far from each other. You can download the Emergency app for free from the Google Play Store.