American Red Cross Releases Emergency App To Track Weather Alerts For Multiple Locations In One Place

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Most of the apps from the American Red Cross are intended for use during emergencies, but the organization's latest one, titled simply "Emergency," still manages to bring something new to the table. It consolidates all of your alerts in one place. So when some sort of weather event is going down and Google hasn't yet buzzed your phone, you know where to look.

Emergency doesn't stop with just your well-being. It's also concerned about your friends and family. You can select them from your saved contacts list and enter their city. The app will then let you know when something heads their way.

Or if you're someone who travels a lot, you can simply enter the various metropolitan areas you frequent. Then you're informed whenever there is a blizzard, earthquake, flood, hurricane, thunderstorm, tornado, wildfire, or some other instance of the weather being grumpy.